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The flexible behavior engine.

Discover FlexBE

FlexBE helps you to create complex robot behaviors without the need for manually coding them. Based on basic capabilities, which interface standard functionality or your own system-specific features, state machines can easily be composed via the provided drag&drop editor. Afterwards, using the same graphical interface, execution can be started and monitored. Based on the concept of collaborative autonomy, the operator is able to influence the execution during runtime, e.g., by forcing transitions and the robot can request help or confirmation from the operator, if required. Even complete modification of the behavior's structure is possible during runtime.

The following steps will guide you through the most basic concepts of the FlexBE and give you an introduction to how you can use the graphical interface. Afterwards, feel free to just download and try FlexBE yourself or take some of the tutorials.

Add Actions

Specify what the robot should do in a behavior by adding basic actions or decisions as states.

Connect States

Define the behavior's control flow by connecting outcomes to subsequent states.

Associate Data

Use userdata key remapping to pass runtime data between states.

Monitor Execution

Save the behavior and simply start it in the Runtime Control view of FlexBE.

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